Sunday, November 18, 2012

London Open House - September 2012

Brunel's "Three Bridges" Hanwell

At the canal level you see the railway line below and road bridge above.

 Looking along the canal towards the "flight" of locks, the rail line is just visible.

From the road bridge pavement you see the railway track running under the canal.

More London Open House
St Thomas' Church, London SE1

 St Thomas' Church has a museum.

 At the top of a 32 step spiral staircase is a Herb Garret ....

 ...and The Old Operating Theatre of the Old St Thomas'  Hospital.

BigFest 2012

Catalan Circus Circumloqui - Circus on three wheels.

 Entertaining the people of Uxbridge with Music and Puppetry.

Not just a one Man Band!